The Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church does not claim to be perfect.  We are sinners saved by grace who desire to be like our Lord Jesus Christ. We are an assembly of the forgiven and we welcome you among us.  Please join us! 

Our Mission
It is our mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ, in the context of the three-angels’ message, to everyone in our territory and provide a community of love and support to all who respond.
Our Church Life
Everything the Highland Church does is in response to Christ having commissioned us to “make disciples.” We recognize that the variety of gifts that God has blessed us with are designed by Him to work together for the salvation of our family and friends. Therefore, we seek to…
  • Provide a dynamic, Bible based worship service.
  • Facilitate Christian Fellowship.
  • Foster the spiritual and personal growth of our members.
  • Equip members for purposeful service in the church and community.
  • Encourage and support the faithful witness of each member.

Family First


The Bible Says